Insitu Power Corporation is an Alberta based company whose principals have over 50 years of combined experience helping industrial consumers to manage their utility costs. The key employees at Insitu have delivered millions of dollars worth of electricity saving strategies since the deregulation of electricity markets in Alberta. Prior to launching Insitu Power Corporation, the principals built the largest and most successful independent electricity retail company in Alberta. Our latest venture, Insitu Power, capitalizes on the continued evolution of the Alberta electricity market.

The mix of generation supply has changed dramatically in Alberta since the inception of deregulation. We have shifted from a market where electricity production was delivered from coal fired resources, to a market that is increasingly dominated by natural gas fired generation and renewable energy supply such as wind generation.

The changing mix of generation supply in Alberta has consequences. The aging coal-fired generating assets and the increased use of renewable and intermittent energy supply has increased the volatility of Alberta’s hourly electricity price. Natural gas prices remain soft and the resulting market heat rate has strengthened considerably

The bottom line is today’s industrial consumer must be more diligent with respect to their operations and explore alternative strategies to manage their electricity costs.

Let Insitu Power show you how.


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